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I am honored to have originated the role of Angie in the  world premiere of East Coast Curriculum, a beautiful play written by Lucy Thurber and directed by Jenna Worsham.


Other notable roles include Sandpiper Elementary School's production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Despite being brunette, I captivated students and parents alike in my role as Goldilocks. As there was no shortage of adorable blonde girls in my grade, I took this to mean that what I lacked in hair color I made up for in raw talent. At eight, I fell in love with theater and I've been acting ever since.


I'm especially drawn to works that celebrate women and address the challenges of womanhood.


Some of my personal favorite contemporary plays include: Orange Flower Water, Circle Mirror Transformation, August Osage County, The Treasurer, Placebo, The Christians, This Flat Earth, and Killers and Other Family.

Some of my favorite classic works are: Romeo and Juliet, The Glass Menagerie, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and A View from the Bridge.

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