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Zoe Chien

Height: 5'7   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown |   EMC-Eligible


Water by the Spoonful |  Orangutan  |  San Francisco Playhouse  | Denise Blasor



The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told  |  Cheryl, Fluffy  |  Left Coast Theatre Co  | Neil Higgins

*TBA-Recommended Production

The Afterlife  |   Rachel   |  SF Youth Theatre   |  Cliff Mayotte

*Touring production of Gary Soto play (Northern California)

*Performed in the Kestenburg International Festival of Theatre in Banja Luka, Bosnia

Noh Christmas Carol   |  Kurando, Fujiro   |  Theatre of Yugen   |  Nick Ishimaru

*TBA-Recommended Production

Besties  |  Jenny, Sam  |  Left Coast Theatre Company  |  Carole Swann, David Rice

Frodo Lives  |  Samantha  |  3Girls Theatre Company  |  Mary Powelson

East Coast Curriculum  |   Angie   |   The Marilyn Monroe Theater  |  Jenna Worsham

*Originated role in NYC World Premiere of Lucy Thurber play

Staged Readings

The Last Tram  |  Rosalie  |  Playwrights Foundation, Crowded Fire  | Nikki Meñez


The Trees  |  Various Roles  |  3Girls Theatre Company  | Kimberly Ridgeway

My Life as a Modern Homosexual  |  Rosalind  |  Sweet Nothing Productions  |  Christian Heppinstall

Meth  |  Pauline  |  3Girls Theatre Company  |  Zach Kopciak

*Winner of 2020 Salon Series Festival


Will Dunne Dramatic Writing Workshop  |  Various Roles  |  Will Dunne  


Horseman: The True Story of Sleepy Hollow  |  Heroine  |  3Girls Theatre Company  | Mary Powelson

Even What Little She Has  |  Phoebe  |  3Girls Theatre Company  |  Kim Richards

Generation Sex  |  Kelly  |  3Girls Theatre Company  |  Maya Herbsman

The Princess and the Pornstar  |  Celeste Sparxx  | Left Coast Theatre Company  |  David Rice

GirlWrights  |  Various Roles  | 3Girls Theatre Company  |  Mary Powelson, Jasmine Robinson

The Family Trick  |  Bethany  |  3Girls Theatre Company  |  Mary Powelson

Mercury  |  Violet  |   SF Olympians Festival  |  Sophia DiPaola

Eternal Hellfire & Damnation: A Love Story  |  Proserpina  | SF Olympians Festival  |  Sophia DiPaola

Showtime at the Apollo  |  The Slam Woman  |  SF Olympians Festival  |  Sophia DiPaola

GirlWrights |  Various Roles  |  3Girls Theatre Company  |  Mary Powelson, Sierra Gonzalez

Film & Television

Insecure  | Stanford University Student |  HBO  |  Melina Matsoukas


Ted Bundy: The Survivors  | Kathy Kleiner |  Michael Hoff Productions  |  Michael Hoff


After the Tone  |  Nena  |  A&F Productions  |  Francina Morel


Shaky Ground  |  Tiffany  |  A&F Productions  |  Francina Morel

*Nominated for Best Acting Duo and Best Comedy Short at the Los Angeles International Film Festival:

Indie Short Fest

She's Working on It  |  Vee  |  Stonestreet Studios |  Gary Bennett

Payday  |  Seline  |  Stonestreet Studios  |  Gabe Frye-Behar

Welcome Home  |  Tessa  |  Stonestreet Studios  |  Pam Berlin

Genre Teaser  |  Sara  |  Stonestreet Studios  |  Kate Baggott

A Star is Born  |  Lead  |  Stonestreet Studios  |  Kristjan Thor  

Chronically Metropolitan  |  Party-goer  |  Xavier Manrique

Commercial & Modeling

Constant Contact | Featured Runner  | Revival Films


HSY |  Runway Model  | HSY, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin


Instacart |  Instacart Shopper  |  Confluent, Little Moving Pictures


Sitecore |  Featured  | Porsche, Sitecore

ThirdLove |  Fit Model  |  ThirdLove


Facebook Messenger Rooms  |  Featured  |  Messenger, Ueno


Honeylove  |  Model  |  Honeylove, Rickhouse Media


Circle In  |  Office Employee  |  Thinkmojo, Sway Productions

Ruby Ribbon |  Fit Model  | Ruby Ribbon

Levi's  |  Fit Model  |  Levi Strauss & Co

Shiseido  |  Model  |  Shiseido

Efy Tal Jewelry  |  Lead  |  Efy Tal Jewelry 

Feminist Apparel  |  Lead  |  Feminist Apparel



Planned Parenthood Skillflix |  Student  |  dfusion INC, Planned Parenthood 

The Sins and Secrets of Tabard Lake |  Simone  |  3Girls Theatre Co  | Pamela Hollings

Training & Masterclasses

3Girls Theatre Company |  Creative Writing  |  Margery Kreitman


NYU Tisch |   Stonestreet Studios   |   Andy Roth, Vance Barber,

Kristjan Thor, Cormac Bluestone, Gabe Frye-Behar, Gary Bennett, Pam Berlin

NYU Tisch |  The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute  |   Geoffrey Horne, Robert Ellerman, Lola Cohen, Tim Crouse, Ted Zurkowski, Michael Ryan

NYU Tisch |  Strasberg Practicum Program  |  Jenna Worsham, Meghan Rafferty, Johanna McKeon, Tyler Dobrowsky, Portia Krieger

NYU Tisch  |   Playwrights Horizons Theater School   |   Jedidiah Schultz, Ryan Justesen, Derek Lucci, Fritz Ertl, Max Posner, Doug Paulson, Salty Brine

NYU Tisch |  Audition Technique in Practice  |  Bruce Faulk

Special Skills

Dual Citizenship (USA/Taiwan), Licensed driver, Bay Area CA / NYC local hire

 Improvisation, Contact and movement improvisation, Feldenkrais technique

Standard American accent, Conversational Mandarin Chinese 

Swims very well, Can lip-sync even better, Experience handling exotic animals, Able to name every United States president in order of office

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